AC Tournament Trail LLC


Indiana Lake Monroe
Director: Travis Feuerbach
5021 E. Lentz Rd.
Bloomington, IN. 47408


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2013 Schedule
Lake / Ramp
3/23/2013 Lake Monroe Cutright Ramp results news
4/6/2013 Lake Monroe Cutright Ramp results news
5/4/2013 Lake Monroe Cutright Ramp results news
6/8/2013 Lake Monroe Cutright Ramp results news
7/14/2013 Lake Monroe Cutright Ramp ***SUNDAY*** results news
8/10/2013 Lake Monroe Cutright Ramp results news
9/7/2013 Lake Monroe Cutright Ramp results news
I just want to thank all of those who fished with us this year and a huge thank you to all our sponsors. I look forward to doing it again next year so keep us in mind when you are looking at what tournaments and trails you are fishing in the new year.

See you on the water!
Travis Feuerbach
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******************************* TOURNAMENT INFORMATION *******************************

-MEMBERSHIP FEE: $35 per team member ($70 per team).
-OPTIONAL BIG BASS POT(100% payout): $10 per team
-LATE FEE: $10 for all entrys post marked after the weekend prior to the tournament entered.

***Please make all checks Payable to AC TOURNAMENTS LLC and mail to address above.


-TAKE OFF POSITION: Pre-Paid Entries will draw a numbered chip for their take-off positions. Entries on the day of the tournament will receive a first come first serve starting position of first available spot after pre-paid entries.

-CHAMPIONSHIP POINTS: Qualifying will be based on a points and pound format beginning with 100 points for first place and descending down by one 1) point per place. In each event First Place will receive 100 points plus their weight, e.g., 1st Place = 100 points + 20.50 lbs. = 120.50 points, 2nd Place = 99 points + 20.00 lbs. = 119 points. This procedure will be followed for all teams weighing fish. The lowest team having weight will be the last points given based on the point's structure. All remaining teams that fished but did not weigh fish will receive one‐half () of the next possible points based off the point structure. Example: The last team weighing fish in a 45‐boat field ended at 40th place with 2.0 lbs. They would receive 60 points + 2.0 lbs = 62 points. The remaining 5 teams without weight would receive 29.5 points each (59/2 = 29.5). No points shall be awarded to contestants that pay but do not fish.

-CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFYING: You must fish a minimum of 5 regularly scheduled team tournaments during the year to qualify for a championship berth based on points system. You must fish a minimum of 6 regularly scheduled team events to qualify for a championship berth based on the "Wild Card" system. Championship qualifiers will be determined after the last regularly scheduled tournament in each division. Angler's Choice reserves the right to allow alternate teams to participate in regional championships to ensure full fields. To qualify for a "Wild Card" berth teams must fish 6 of 7 qualifying events. "Wild Card" qualifying shall be determined by their finishing position in the last tournament of the year and after points qualifiers have been removed. Teams that fish 7 events will automatically qualify and MAY INCREASE below allotments.
20 or less boat average will qualify 8 teams plus 2 wild cards.
21 ‐ 25 boat average will qualify 12 teams plus 5 wild cards.
26 ‐ 30 boat average will qualify 16 teams plus 5 wild cards.
31 ‐ 40 boat average will qualify 18 teams plus 6 wild cards.
41 ‐ 50 boat average will qualify 20 teams plus 7 wild cards.

-PAYOUT: We will pay one spot for every 6 boats entered. From the $150 entry fee we will deduct $30 that will go to Anglers Choice for the Team Championship and $15 for the directors fee that will go to cover expenses associated with operating the tournament.
*There is a Flat fee of $75 that is to cover insurance at each event that is deducted from the total Entries received as well.

Example Payout:
20 boat tournament:
1st=$1067 2nd=$604 3rd=$256

40 boat tournament:
1st=$1455 2nd=$935 3rd=$660 4th=470 5th=$340 6th=$265

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email.